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What does Tap TV System & Content do for my business?



  • Flexibility - A video switching system enables you to put any video source (Directv, Cable, DVD Player, etc) to any TV screen, in any room through out your bar & restaurant.  The system is all controlled through a simple 15" Touch Screen.   When it comes to renting out your space, or having a video DJ, the Tap TV solution provides a simple, easy to use system, at an affordable price!
  • Tap TV Channels - Tap TV not only offers a hardware based video switching system, along with content channels that keep your patrons entertained! Tap TV offers Tap TV Trivia Channel, Tap TV Extreme and more. Click for details
  • Advertising - On your own TV's -  The Tap TV Pro system, has an internal advertising system  which enables the venue to put ads, specials, packages, room rental information, events, etc on the TV's, while your patrons are watching their favorite programs.   The Ad Manager works when the Tap TV Channels are on.  (Ad Manager),  


Tap TV App

Hardware & Software System

  • Tap TV's 15" Pilot Screen - enables any staff member, part time or Mgmt, easily can control the TV's, and switch between the boxes & channels from a single touch of a button on the screen.  
  • TAP TV Video Switching System -  enables you to switch between any of your video inputs (cable Boxes, Directv boxes (or combination), along with DVD players, Camcorders, PCM Music Videos and more.  You recieve up to 12 video inputs of your choices.  The system will up to 96 TV's to be controlled through the system. 
  • Tap TV App - Once you have a video switching system installed, you can add alot creative devices, and software systems to enhance your patron's experience.  With the Tap TV App, this enables your patrons to interact and play the Tap TV Trivia right from their phone or device.   

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